About Us

The Semiahmoo Music Society (SMS) is operated by committed parents at Semiahmoo Secondary School and raises funds throughout the year to ensure that the music program can continue its tradition of excellence in music education and performance. SMS works together with parents, teachers, administrators, and the local community to nurture and develop over 350 student musicians in three concert bands and six jazz bands.


Semiahmoo Music Society (SMS)

 • To enable a strong partnership with the Semiahmoo Secondary School Music Department, current band students, their parents or guardians, past band members, and the education, music and business communities, or what we call “The Semiahmoo Music Partnership.”

 • To encourage and support current band students in achieving their fullest potential as musicians, regardless of individual financial means.

 • Encourage and support current band students to pursue a post-secondary education in music.

 • To support the Semiahmoo Secondary School music programme in achieving its goals and philosophies.

 • To build the capacity necessary to strengthen and sustain the Semiahmoo Secondary School’s music programme’s brand as a leader in music education that delivers talented musicians.

 • To engage our membership and other stakeholders in playing an active role in The Semiahmoo Music Partnership.

 • To actively advance and foster a high standard of music education.

Become a Member

Join the SMS

 • Play an active role in your student’s development in music

 • Be part of planning the opportunities our students have to travel and perform

 • Provide opportunities for your student to earn money with Society sponsored fundraising  which can help offset music tour and performance costs

 • Encourage students to participate in individual fund-raising for their travel accounts administered by the Society

 • Seize the opportunities for your student to meet renowned musicians who collaborate with our directors for on-site clinics

 • Volunteer for chaperone team for Department Tours

 • Participate on SMS Executive

 • Exercise your voting privileges at Society meetings

 • Subscribe