For 30 years, the Semiahmoo Music Program has been recognized as for its outstanding music program. Many graduates go on to become professionals in the music business.


Jodi Proznick

Considered a professional “top call” jazz bassist. Nominated for a Juno Award

Derek Charke

Juno and ECMA Award winning composer, flutist, associate professor at Acadia University

Jillian Lebeck

Jazz pianist, composer and vocalist

Ben Henriques

Jazz saxophonist, band leader, recording engineer, educator

Dustin Kiselbach

Jazz bassist.

Tim “Boom Bap” Proznick

Professional drummer, percussionist,  songwriter

David Spidel

Jazz bassist, educator, tours, records

Chris Spidel

Trombonist  and bass trombonist, musician manager of Southwick Band

Chris Williams

Jazz vocalist, his Comes Love recording won Best Latin Song at the 2007 Orange Country Music Awards

JP Carter

Jazz trumpet performer, composer

Sean Hayden


Tal Bachman

Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. Best know for 1999 hit She’s So High. Winner of 2 Juno Awards

Jim Black

Professional guitarist for The Star Captains

Amanda Tosoff

Juno-nomintaed jazz pianist and composer

Cam Milligan

Trumpet player, guitar, band leader on Cruise Ships

Rob Hamilton

Freelance jazz guitarist and teacher

Bryn Baxter

Tenor saxophonist, guitar, freelance in Asia

Dagan Lowe

Dept. Head, Semiahmoo Secondary, trombonist

Kelly Proznick

Department Head at New West Secondary, vocalist

Rob Phillips

Professional percussionist

Brendan McLean


Jordan Carrier

Guitar and vocals

John Nicholson

Professional saxophonist

Tristan Paxton

Professional guitarist in Vancouver

Adam Gough

Music Teacher,Surrey School District

Caleb Robinson

Music Teacher, Surrey School District

Mike Brown (Dowler)

Professional clarinetist, Vancouver

Ian Weiss

Professional saxophonist, Vancouver

Ashley Wright

Professional pianist

Jimmy Wilson

Professional trombonist

Jimmy Keller

Professional bassist

Ed Johnson

Music sound man and drummer

Chris Young

Rock guitarist

Karran Mattu

Sound technician

Brittany Hayes

Lead vocalist for heavy metal band, Unleash The Archers

Carmen & Camille Thomas

Rising pop stars now living in LA

Simon Millerd

Jazz trumpet performer

Annual Surrey Jazz Festival 2018

Semiahmoo Music had a very successful weekend at the Surrey Jazz Festival. Students performed well in both group and ensemble settings. During the weekend, students were able to watch other bands, hear from adjudicators about their own performance, and several students were selected to perform in Friday night's Rep Bands Concert. Here are our winning performers:

Junior Awards

Jazz Band 10, Best Surrey Junior Rhythm Section, Best Surrey Junior Jazz Band, Best Overall Junior Jazz Band

Grade 9 Combo, Best Surrey Junior Combo

Andrew Wilk, Best Surrey Junior Saxophone Player

Allie Ho, Best Surrey Junior Trumpet Player, Best Overall Junior Musician

Isaac Tjandra , Best Junior Trombone Player

Viana Zhou , Best Junior Piano Player

Jauvan Mattu, Best Junior Drummer


Senior Awards

Jazz Band 12, Best Surrey Senior Rhythm Section, Best Surrey Senior Jazz Band, Best Overall Senior Jazz Band

Grade 12 Wang/Zhang Combo, Best Overall Senior Combo

Grade 11 Combo, Best Surrey Senior Combo

Seann Wang, Best Surrey Senior Saxophone Player

Max Zhang, Best Surrey Senior Trumpet Player

Edan Stasiuk, Best Senior Piano Player


Rep Band Selections

Sr. Rep Band Members

Marina Alexander – Trumpet

Max Zhang – Trumpet

James Ho – Trombone

George Wang – Trombone

Seann Wang - Alto Sax

Jr/Sr Rep Band

Nina Bradley – Tenor Saxophone

Marshall Hudson – Tenor Saxophone

Allie Ho – Trumpet

Isaac Tjandra – Trombone

Jr. Rep Band

Carly Sutherland – Alto Saxophone

Zach Chernenko – Baritone Saxophone

Angelina Lowe – Trombone

Henry Li – Trombone

Kyle Goh – Trombone


Full Music Camp Tuition Scholarships

Aaron Skepasts, KPU Summer Jazz Workshop

Allie Ho, UBC Summer Jazz Camp ($850)

Nina Bradley, Drayton Harbor Music Camp Scholarship

Gift Card Recipients for Excellent Musicianship

$50 From Tom Lee Music

Darren Ahn, Grey Watkins

$50 From Matterhorn Music

Carly Sutherland, Ryan Yang, Seann Wang, Max Zhang, Allie Ho, Robert Alexander

$50 Long & McQuade

Marina Alexander, Josh van den Broek

35th Annual Surrey Jazz Festival 2017

Junior Awards

Best Surrey Junior Jazz Band - Jazz Band 10

Best Overall Junior Jazz Band - Jazz Band 10

Best Surrey Junior Rhythm Section- Jazz Band 10

Best Overall Junior Vibraphonist - Anica Hsu

Best Overall Junior Drummer - Jauvan Mattu

Best Surrey Junior Trumpet Player - Allie Ho

Best  Overall Junior Trumpet Player - Allie Ho

Best Overall Junior Musician of the festival - Allie Ho

Special Gift Card Awards: Allie Ho, Angelina Lowe, David Liao, Andrew Wilk


Senior Awards

Best Surrey Senior Jazz Band - Jazz Band 12

Best Overall Senior Jazz Band - Jazz Band 12

Best Surrey Senior Rhythm Section - Jazz Band 11

Best Overall Senior Rhythm Section - Jazz Band 12

Best Surrey Senior Combo - Grade 11/12 Combo

Best Overall Senior Combo - Grade 11/12 Combo

Best Surrey Senior Trombonist - Julian Marlyn

Best Surrey Senior Musician - Julian Marlyn

Best Surrey Trumpet Player - Annie Lu

Best Overall Senior Musician of the festival - Max Zhang

Special Gift Card Awards: Daniel Kim, Seann Wang, Nina Bradley, Julian Marlyn, Caleb Jankola, Brandon Lygo, Duraid Abdul

Nick Svab - $500 Scholarship to VCC

Kelly Chan - Full Scholarship to the Drayton Harbour Music Camp

Brandon Lygo - 50% off UBC Music Camp

Julian Marlyn - 50% off UBC Music Camp

Max Zhang - 50% off UBC Music Camp

Daniel Kim - Lorna Graham Memorial Scholarship of $350 presented by the Peninsula Arts Foundation


Rep Band Participants

Junior Rep Band: Marshall Hudson, Tenor Sax; Marina Alexander, Trumpet; Allie Ho, Trumpet; Jared Ren, Trombone

Junior/Senior Rep Band: Dean Yang, Tenor Sax; Braedon Ellemo, Trombone

Senior Rep Band: Caleb Jankola, Tenor Sax; Annie Lu, Trumpet; Julian Marlyn, Trombone; Aaron Skepasts, Electric Bass