Over the years, thanks to parents championing fundraising activities, students have been able to earn money themselves to help pay for their own band trips. One of the highest ever earned by a student to-date was $4740. Your student can earn that and more too, all the while learning valuable life-long skills. All fundraisers are announced in class and via e-mail.

Gift Cards 2018

Why is Fundraising Important?

Please consider that all members of each touring ensemble are crucial to the success of the group’s musical endeavors. Fundraising events are sponsored by the SMS to make it financially possible for all members to participate. Failing to participate in fundraisers and then withdrawing from the touring ensemble for financial reasons is very damaging for our Music Program. Please give special thought as to how you will proceed during the year so that participation is possible for your child.

How Student Fundraising Accounts Work

Most of the fundraising money goes into a travel account with your child’s name on it and reflects your child's individual fundraising effort. The student accounts are updated regularly and posted online so that you can keep track of the balance. Please be sure that your child keeps track of his/her account and keeps all fundraising receipts in a safe place. In the event of any discrepancies, we will require the receipt for verification of funds raised. Stapling all school receipts into the student agenda book would be one recommended place to keep receipts.
Please note that funds deposited in a member’s account fall under strict legal protocols from the School District. The funds may be used only for approved functions sponsored by the Music Dept. and/or the Music Society. Where funds may accumulate from year to year, funds unused at graduation or as a result of withdrawal from the Music program must revert to a general account.

Current Programs & New Ideas

Current programs include our Bottle Drives and Save-on/Safeway Gift Card.

Last year, a group of parents got together to brainstorm new ideas for fundraising. We have already tried a few new ideas last year our Pop-up Swap; M&M Meats; and Potters Gift Card. Some of our other new ideas include a Talent Show, Pancake Breakfast, Professional Photos, Vessey’s Bulb Sales, and more!

How You Can Help

Below, you will find a link to a document with all of our ideas. We would love to know your ideas too. If you can help bring any of the ideas to life, please contact - - our great school and music program are a success thanks to parents such as yourselves. Thank you for your continued support and participation!

The Society's Role

The SMS Executive are here to help parent coordinators by further brainstorming logistics with the below guiding principles in mind, facilitating communication materials (e.g. email announcements and details on the SMS website) and facilitating the individual student travel accounts treasury.

Student Travel Account Fundraising Guiding Principles

  • Supports primary purpose of individual student music trip accounts to ease the financial cost of music tours.
  • Positively supports the school’s and music program’s core values and reputation.
  • No conflict of interest to the school or music program.
  • Ease of administration.
  • Equal access to all music students to participate.