The Purdys campaign runs at the end of November--plenty of time to get a holiday order in! You'll pick up chocolate order at school before the break and deliver it to your customers. Each student is responsible to deliver their own chocolate sales.

Order Procedure - Online

Forms will be distributed in class

  1. Type in your link found on your launch page:  www.purdysgpp.com/join/m _ _ _ _ _ _    (found on your personal launch letter distributed in class, you must use your personal link in order to have your travel account credited)
  2. Join our group "Semiahmoo Band Society"
  3. Click "Register" if you are a new customer or "Login" if you are a returning customer.
  4. Click "Shop Online" to start shopping!
  5. Pay by credit card
  6. You can also invite friends and family to help!  Simply ask them to follow the same steps as above.

Order Procedure - Paper

Order deadlines will be late November

  1. Browse through the catalogue to find the chocolates you wish to purchase.
  2. Tear out the order form from inside the catalogue and fill it out.
  3. Return the order form together with a cheque made payable to: Semiahmoo Music Society
  4. Drop the paper order and payment off the band room in an envelope marked Purdy's Paper Form Orders

More Info

Download extra forms

You must be sure that all orders are made using your individual account number (this can be found in your packet). Sales can only be added to your Student Travel Account if they are made using your account #. If you have any questions be sure to send an email to: purdys@semiahmoomusic.ca

  • Order Forms
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Questions? purdys@semiahmoomusic.ca
    (available in November)