Click the button below to view the balance of your travel account. Balances are listed by Student ID. Your music director will provide you with the password. If you wish to use money from your account for a band trip, please fill out a Travel Account Withdrawal Form and turn it into the band room forms box. If you have any questions regarding your travel accounts please contact

Field Trips & Tours

In past years the directors and the parents have been very supportive of the benefits of music ensemble travel. Previous tours have included:

  • Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival, Banff
  • Hawaii
  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • MusicFest Canada
  • Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival - Idaho
  • Disney Magic Music Days - Anaheim, California
  • Interior Band Festival - Penticton


For Undertaking a Tour

  • Provides opportunity to perform for non captive audience i.e. adjudicators who evaluate and suggest improvements and/or general public that don’t have to like us if they don’t feel like it.
  • Provides opportunity to learn about music in an intensive setting. (music festival or working with educator and other musicians in another city.)
  • Strengthens and confirms in a positive way the musical, organizational, and emotional interdependence between group members.
  • Provides focus for directors to plan for organizational and disciplinary structures that are put in place throughout the year(s).
  • Provides long term focus for students that provides stability and enjoyment of school life in a general sense for the entire year and for future years as well.
  • Enhances students’ ability to plan and manage finances through fund-raising credit system and personal money.
  • Students must maintain sufficient academic and behavioral standards to successfully receive permission from subject teachers to be excused from class to Tour. The Directors will, of course, be very concerned about how such problems will affect the ability of the group to fulfill performance, travel, and financial commitments.

The “Band tour” has proven again and again to members and their families to be a very powerful life changing experience. Each year the Directors will propose tours for the consideration of students and parents. Only through strong support from all can these exciting proposals become a reality.