Uniforms are distributed in early October in time for the first concert. Registration and deposit payment must be completed before the uniform will handed out.

Representing Semiahmoo Music

Semiahmoo’s Music program has a long and highly successful history and has always prided itself on their appearance. Festival adjudicators often comment on our concert attire and how professional we look. Our director's feel that Presentation is part of performance and with your support, we are able to carry on this tradition.

The Music Society, rather than the school, owns and maintains all music ensemble uniforms. It is the student and their family who must take responsibility for keeping the uniform clean and pressed for all performances. Uniforms or their parts must not be used for purposes other than for performing with Semiahmoo Music Department performances.

Caring for our Uniforms

Please do not hand or machine wash jackets, vests or ties. Dry cleaning is undertaken by the Music Society each June. Uniform shirts must be washed and pressed, ready for each performance.

At the end of the year it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the uniform is returned on time and in good condition. Uniform Shirts must be returned already clean.

Uniform Description

Grade 8 Concert Band: White Shirt/Red Tie*

Grade 9 Concert Band: White Shirt/Blue Tie*

Senior Concert Band: White Tuxedo Shirt/Silver Tie/Vest*

Jazz Band 8: Black Shirt/Tie*

Jazz Band 9: White Shirt/Blue Tie/Vest

Jazz Band 10: Black Shirt/Black Vest/Silver Tie

Jazz 11: White Tuxedo/White Jacket/Black Vest and Bow Tie*

Jazz 12: Boys-Black Tuxedo/White Tuxedo Shirt and Bow Tie

Jazz 12: Girls – Black Dress

*All members are required to provide and wear with their uniform: Black Dress Shoes (soft soled, non-skid, no spiked heels), Black Dress Pants and Black Socks. Mark’s Work Warehouse, Zellers, Wal-Mart, and some local thrift stores often have sales on these items. Black jeans and running shoes are not appropriate for our concerts. Please do not wear black jeans, yoga or track pants. White socks, shoes or shoelaces do not look good in between all the black of other band members.

Please support your son or daughter’s ability to adhere to these requirements and dress appropriately for their concert presentations.

Uniform Returns

And Replacement Costs

The Directors will announce to the students the date when uniforms should be returned. Returns will be done by grade. We will be implementing a deposit system for uniforms this year. A post-dated check for June 21st, 2018 in the amount of $25 will be required at the time of registration. If the uniform is returned, the cheque will not be cashed. Each student has been issued uniform pieces with serial numbers, and we expect to receive the same numbered pieces back at the end of the year.

Replacement Costs: Jacket $125; Vest $30; Shirt $30; Long Tie $15; Bow Tie $8; Shirt Studs $5; Garment Bag $10